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5 Fun Facts About Electricians

It was not even 200 years ago that Thomas Edison found a way to power a lightbulb with electricity. After thousands of years of relying on fire, humanity had stepped out of the darkness, so to speak, and we’ve since lit up the entire Earth.

Electricians are the men and women who helped bring humanity into this next stage, and thanks to their work, there are now over 200,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines and 5.5 million miles of local distribution lines in the U.S. alone.

So, to celebrate this honored occupation, we at Rush Electric thought it would be fun to share some cool facts about your electrician!

1. The Process of Becoming a Professional Electrician Comes From a Medieval Tradition

Hundreds of years before the power of electricity was ever harnessed, Medieval European cities saw the rise of guilds. Guilds were strictly run organizations of professional craftsmen who protected their trade and ensured the quality of their work.

A craftsman in one of these guilds would go through three stages in their education: apprentice, journeyman and, finally, master. Though guilds no longer exist in the same form today, electricians still go through these same three stages in their quest for mastery!

2. Becoming a Master Electrician Takes as Long as Becoming a Doctor

That’s right! Becoming a master electrician takes around eight years, the same amount of time it takes for students to earn both their bachelor’s and doctorate degrees.

The apprenticeship stage for an electrician lasts about three to five years, and the journeyman stage is another three to four years. After that, an electrician will have the experience necessary to become a master.

3. Electricians Are Lifelong Learners

Just like professionals who receive their doctorate, a master electrician will continue to spend a lifetime learning. Atop the developmental and improvement courses electricians must take, they must also keep up with ever-evolving technology.

Naturally, electricians today are at the forefront of green energy, always learning and inventing new ways to bring clean, efficient energy into homes and businesses across the country.

Speaking of new, green technology, did you know that our electricians at Rush Electric specialize in installing EV chargers right into your home?

4. Electricians Are Masters of Numerous Skills

Electricians must have incredible critical thinking skills in order to solve problems, and they must be able to remain calm in stressful situations, as small errors can prove to be fatal. They also carry with them an expanse of knowledge, being familiar with all the local codes and regulations, knowing how to read and interpret blueprints, and understanding how to use the many tools at their disposal.

5. Electricians Specialize in Certain Fields

Electricians fall into two main categories: linemen, or outside electricians, and wiremen, or inside electricians. Within these two categories are dozens of specialized electrician fields, including industrial, residential, commercial, maintenance, automotive and marine electricians.

Takeaways and Fun Facts About Rush Electric

Electricians are fascinating and talented individuals who have years of training and knowledge under their belt. Rush Electric is proud to serve the community with our own highly professional electricians.

Here’s a fun fact about us: Rush Electric has been serving the Memphis, TN and surrounding Shelby County area for 18 years! We are a family-owned and operated, full-service electrical contracting company.

If you’re in need of professional electrical services, reach out to our team for a consultation. While we’re out there with you, don’t be afraid to ask us for more fun facts about our electricians!

Get in touch with our licensed electricians today to schedule your service in Shelby County! Call 901.499.4744

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Steven Holland
Steven Holland
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We highly recommend Rush at Satellite healthcare! They are always on time and there when you need them. They give the best quality work around. They do all our electrical work from outlets to complete builds on our news clinics. If your looking for good work and on time completion go with Rush.
Jan Hawks Bartlett
Jan Hawks Bartlett
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I would highly recommend this company! I called yesterday and they came out first thing this morning! The service was excellent. The 2 electricians were very polite, showed me the work they had done to make sure I was satisfied. I was completely satisfied. Their work was awesome!! So nice doing business with a company who really cares about the customer.
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Lisa Berryhill Richerson
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I called first thing in the morning for a major issue. The guys were out that afternoon and went above and beyond to get it done in a professional and efficient manner. Both the guys out in the field and the ladies in the office were friendly, professional and helpful. Rush electric really helped to make a tough and unexpected situation a little easier to deal with.