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Arm Yourself With Essential Outlet Safety Tips

In recent years, the second most common cause of home fires in the United States has been electrical failures. Unfortunately, they also cause the most harm and loss of life. To help you stay safe while enjoying the benefits of electricity, we’ve come up with several measures you can take.

Routinely Inspect Cords and Coverings

Examine a cord first before plugging it in. Any damaged cord, especially if it has exposed wires, should be replaced immediately. Every single cover on every outlet should also be inspected regularly. Check if they are firmly attached to the wall and enclose the wiring. If you find a damaged or chipped cover, you should get a new one, and if any of them are burning, buzzing, or feeling extremely hot, you should contact an electrician.

Upgrade Your Outlets

It’s time to upgrade your home’s electrical outlets if they are the old-fashioned two-prong variety. Instead, install a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) or three-prong outlet. GFCI outlets can avoid electrical shock because they were created with safety in mind. They monitor the current flowing through an electrical circuit and turn off the power if somehow the outlet is exposed to water or any other dangers they can identify. Install them in kitchens, basements, garages, and bathrooms. It’s also advisable to install GFCI protection on all outdoor outlets.

Unplug Cords Safely and Slowly

To safely disconnect an appliance from the socket, hold the plug’s base and pull it out of the wall. Giving a little yank is tempting, but doing so from an angle or a considerable distance might seriously damage the outlet and its wiring or plug. Such risks aren’t worth taking.

Avoid Overloading an Outlet

If you have ever turned on an appliance only to have the power cut out, you’ve probably exceeded the intended rating. In most cases, it’s a circuit breaker that has gone off to avoid damaging your appliances. Nonetheless, avoiding an overload entirely is the most efficient strategy.

To prevent damage to an outlet from overloading, do the following. Don’t multiply the load on one particular outlet by using splitters and extension cords for numerous items. Limit the number of things you switch on at once, and use separate wall outlets for major appliances. If necessary, hire an electrician to install additional outlets.

Childproof Outlets

Buying lots of toys for your kids to play with is great; however, little children sometimes find electrical outlets more interesting than toys. Because of this, caution around electrical outlets is extremely important. Protect your children from electrical shock by installing outlet covers or tamper-resistant receptacles (TRRs).

Our electrical outlet safety tips will make your home safer for your entire family. Contact us at Rush Electric today if you live in the vicinity of Memphis, TN and need electrical panel or outlet repair or replacement services.

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Steven Holland
Steven Holland
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We highly recommend Rush at Satellite healthcare! They are always on time and there when you need them. They give the best quality work around. They do all our electrical work from outlets to complete builds on our news clinics. If your looking for good work and on time completion go with Rush.
Jan Hawks Bartlett
Jan Hawks Bartlett
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I would highly recommend this company! I called yesterday and they came out first thing this morning! The service was excellent. The 2 electricians were very polite, showed me the work they had done to make sure I was satisfied. I was completely satisfied. Their work was awesome!! So nice doing business with a company who really cares about the customer.
Lisa Berryhill Richerson
Lisa Berryhill Richerson
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I called first thing in the morning for a major issue. The guys were out that afternoon and went above and beyond to get it done in a professional and efficient manner. Both the guys out in the field and the ladies in the office were friendly, professional and helpful. Rush electric really helped to make a tough and unexpected situation a little easier to deal with.