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Refresh Your Generator This Spring

With longer, warmer days, spring is the perfect time for home maintenance, and this includes taking the time to ensure your backup power system is in prime condition. Timely generator maintenance will reduce the need for repairs, extend the lifespan of your equipment, and ensure that you have backup power when you need it most. While there are some things you can perform yourself, it’s also important to call in the professionals to take care of the following maintenance tasks.

Oil, Fuel, and Coolant Checks

Regular oil changes are crucial to your generator’s longevity. Dirty oil can lead to engine wear and premature failure, so your spring maintenance needs to include an oil and filter check. If necessary, your electrician can change both.

Diesel and gasoline generators also need fuel system checks as part of their spring maintenance. These checks can identify any leaks or other issues in the fuel system. A technician will also ensure that the fuel filter is still good and provide a replacement if necessary.

Coolant is another critical fluid for backup generators. While it needs to be replaced less frequently than oil or gas, your technician will check the generator’s coolant levels and quality. Keeping coolant levels topped off ensures that your generator does not overheat during operation, which could lead to serious motor issues.

Automatic Transfer Switch Testing

Trained electricians can also test your automatic transfer switch, or ATS. This process involves simulating a power outage to verify that there is a seamless transition between the utility power and the backup power supply. They will check to ensure that the ATS is performing correctly and that it toggles back to the utility power supply properly.

Clean Air Vents and Cooling Systems

Spring generator maintenance will also include an inspection of the ventilation system. Professionals will remove the debris and dust that accumulates inside your air vents and cooling fans. This will prevent overheating and maintain the proper circulation of air throughout your system. Optimal operating temperatures and ventilation will be tested and regulated. We use compressed air to blow out any accumulated dust from the vents and fans of your generator.

Load Bank Testing

Your maintenance team will conduct a load bank test on your backup power system. During this test, they will apply a simulated load that matches or exceeds the typical electrical load the system would handle in operation. This process helps identify any potential issues, ensuring the system can reliably support the required power load. Carefully evaluating how the system performs under these stress conditions can guarantee its readiness and efficiency.

Update Software and Firmware

Modern generators may also need software and firmware updates as part of routine maintenance in the spring. Your technician will check for updates on the firmware and software systems that control the backup power supply. By installing the most recent versions, the software will be optimized for monitoring and managing your uninterruptible power supply. This process is typically done through the manufacturer’s website to ensure that the downloads and installations are completed correctly.

Spring Cleaning for Electrical Systems

Take time this spring to invest in your backup power supply with professional generator maintenance. Keeping your generator in top shape will ensure that it lasts as long as possible and is ready to keep you powered up in an emergency. If you’re in Memphis, TN, contact the team at Rush Electric to schedule generator service today.

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Steven Holland
Steven Holland
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We highly recommend Rush at Satellite healthcare! They are always on time and there when you need them. They give the best quality work around. They do all our electrical work from outlets to complete builds on our news clinics. If your looking for good work and on time completion go with Rush.
Jan Hawks Bartlett
Jan Hawks Bartlett
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I would highly recommend this company! I called yesterday and they came out first thing this morning! The service was excellent. The 2 electricians were very polite, showed me the work they had done to make sure I was satisfied. I was completely satisfied. Their work was awesome!! So nice doing business with a company who really cares about the customer.
Lisa Berryhill Richerson
Lisa Berryhill Richerson
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I called first thing in the morning for a major issue. The guys were out that afternoon and went above and beyond to get it done in a professional and efficient manner. Both the guys out in the field and the ladies in the office were friendly, professional and helpful. Rush electric really helped to make a tough and unexpected situation a little easier to deal with.