5 Maintenance Tips to Extend the Lifespan of your EV Charger

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Many are installing an electric car charger in their home. It can be a costly yet worthwhile investment, one that requires some maintenance to ensure its longevity. Several preventative maintenance tips, such as the five below, can help increase your EV charger’s lifespan. 1. Check the Components Once Per Week You don’t need to worry […]

Keep Your Home Bright: Preventing Lighting Issues

Lighting issues in your home can be more than just a minor inconvenience. They can impact your safety and comfort. By understanding common problems and learning how to prevent them, you can maintain a well-lit, efficient and safe living environment. Learn how to identify and address typical lighting issues, understand the importance of regular maintenance […]

How to Keep Your Electrical Panel in Top Shape

Electrician at work on an electrical panel

Keeping on top of electrical panel maintenance is the best way to ensure that everything works as expected. An inspection to pinpoint issues requiring further attention should occur every 2-3 years. Inspecting your panel should be one of the first tasks you undertake after buying a new house. If the electrical panel is over 30 […]

DIY EV Charger Installation Is Not Always the Right Way to Go

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The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) lists Texas on the top three lists of states with high rates of EV ownership. The low availability of charging infrastructure is what prompts many EV drivers in El Paso to consider installing a dedicated station for home use. Compared to other Texas metro areas, El Paso has fewer […]

Best Practices for Home EV Charging Station Installation

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The demand for residential EV charging stations has increased significantly. While installing an EV charging station at home is convenient, it is crucial to prioritize safety during the installation process. Here are the best practices for residential EV charging station installation. Conduct a Professional Electrical Assessment Before installing an EV charging station, you need to […]

Essential Electrical Maintenance Tasks You Should Not Ignore

Electrician engineer work tester measuring voltage and current of power electric line in electical cabinet control.

Electrical maintenance is a proactive process that involves checking, testing, and correcting electrical anomalies. Since your electrical system has many connections and components, you may overlook some areas. Here are electrical maintenance tasks that should be on your checklist. Test Light Switches and Replace Bulbs Start by testing the light switches; are they warm to […]

5 Fun Facts About Electricians

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It was not even 200 years ago that Thomas Edison found a way to power a lightbulb with electricity. After thousands of years of relying on fire, humanity had stepped out of the darkness, so to speak, and we’ve since lit up the entire Earth. Electricians are the men and women who helped bring humanity […]

Is Your Breaker Panel Prepared for Your Home Remodeling Project

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Before taking on any remodeling project, you need to make sure your breaker box can keep up with the upgrades. This is especially the case if any of your renovations will include alterations to your home’s electrical system, such as adding more outlets, adding upgraded appliances, or building on new rooms. To prepare your breaker […]