Tips for Lighting Up Your Home Safely

Modern Pendant Lighting

Good lighting can make a place look warm and welcoming; however, it also needs to be safe. Even something as simple as choosing the right light bulb or lamp can make a significant difference in ensuring your home is hazard-free. Consider some tips for lighting up your home safely. Choosing the Right Bulbs Not all […]

Stay Safe When Installing an EV Charger at Your Home

Charging an electric car battery

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and many EV drivers find it most convenient to have special chargers installed in their homes. Many EVs can be plugged into regular household outlets, but this method can take several days to achieve a full charger. That’s why Level II chargers are in high demand. With a Level […]

Safety Tips for Weathering Electrical Storms and Power Outages


Electrical storms and power outages can cause all kinds of hazards, so it’s wise to learn as many safety tips as possible to stay unharmed and prevent your home from damage. 1. Stay Away From Downed Power Lines If you are outside during a storm, stay away from downed power lines, and never touch them. […]

Arm Yourself With Essential Outlet Safety Tips

The hands of an electrician installing a power switch to the electrical junction box

In recent years, the second most common cause of home fires in the United States has been electrical failures. Unfortunately, they also cause the most harm and loss of life. To help you stay safe while enjoying the benefits of electricity, we’ve come up with several measures you can take. Routinely Inspect Cords and Coverings […]