Advice on How to Properly Handle Electrical Emergencies

Fire insurance, concept. An electrical outlet that is burnt after short circuit and may cause a fire at home.

Our daily activities depend on electricity since it powers most of the technologies we use. Unfortunately, electrical emergencies can happen any time, and if they’re not handled carefully, they could be dangerous. Safety for you and your loved ones depends on knowing how to manage electrical crises and when to call an electrician for assistance. […]

Why Should I Invest in Surge Protection?

Electrician working safely on switches and sockets of a residential electrical system

When we talk about surge protection, most people think of the strip you buy in your local store. However, you can do more than that strip if you need a guarantee for your home’s safety. Since you cannot control power outages or bad weather, it’s crucial that you remain prepared in case any of them […]

4 Outdoor Lighting Tips That Shine in Memphis

Garland with modern round lamps, outside and inside illumination. Vector illustration in cartoon style isolated on dark

After working your way through Memphis traffic after a long day, you don’t want to stumble across your driveway and try to find the front door in the dark. Outdoor lighting does more than just illuminate pathways, though. It also adds a custom look to your house that helps you separate it from the others […]