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Fire insurance, concept. An electrical outlet that is burnt after short circuit and may cause a fire at home.

Advice on How to Properly Handle Electrical Emergencies

Our daily activities depend on electricity since it powers most of the technologies we use. Unfortunately, electrical emergencies can happen any time, and if they’re not handled carefully, they could be dangerous.

Safety for you and your loved ones depends on knowing how to manage electrical crises and when to call an electrician for assistance. Here are some helpful tips you should follow.

Turn Off the Power Source

In an electrical emergency, you should first turn off the power source. Turning it off will aid in averting any additional harm or damage. Turn off your home’s main circuit if you’re unsure where the power source is, or consult an electrician.

Contact Emergency Services

Call emergency services if you suspect a fire or if someone is hurt. In such circumstances, it’s usually preferable to be safe than sorry.

Use a Fire Extinguisher

If an electrical issue brings on a small fire, extinguish it with a fire extinguisher. However, if the fire is massive, leave the area right away and avoid attempting to put it out yourself. Instead, call the fire department and wait for them to arrive.

Never Touch Exposed Electrical Wires

Even after the power source has been turned off, the wires can still have energy. Don’t touch the cables; instead, contact an electrician to handle the matter instead.

Wear Protective Equipment

If you must touch an electrical appliance or device, make sure to put on gloves and shoes. You’ll be more protected from electrical shock with protective gear.

When to Get Assistance From an Electrician

Some situations require the expert assistance of an electrician. The following are four signs that you should contact an electrician.

1. Lights Flickering or Dimming

There can be an electrical issue if your lights are flickering or fading. Call an electrician to have your electrical system inspected.

2. Buzzing Noises or Electrical Sparks

Immediately contact an electrician if you see electrical sparks or buzzing noises from your outlets. The sparks or noises can indicate a wiring issue that might start a fire.

3. Circuit Breakers Frequently Tripping

If your circuit breakers frequently trip, your electrical system may be overburdened. You can find the issue and resolve it with the aid of an electrician.

4. Burning Odors

A burning smell is one of the most ominous warning signs of an electrical emergency., You should act quickly if you smell burning plastic or electrical wires inside of your home.

Different electrical issues can result in a burning odor. For instance, this can happen from a damaged or an overloaded electrical component. Whatever the reason, you need to stop using electricity and contact an electrician right away.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with electrical emergencies can be difficult, but you can keep your loved ones safe with the correct information and planning. Contact a professional electrician if you notice any of the signs mentioned above.

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Steven Holland
Steven Holland
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We highly recommend Rush at Satellite healthcare! They are always on time and there when you need them. They give the best quality work around. They do all our electrical work from outlets to complete builds on our news clinics. If your looking for good work and on time completion go with Rush.
Jan Hawks Bartlett
Jan Hawks Bartlett
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I would highly recommend this company! I called yesterday and they came out first thing this morning! The service was excellent. The 2 electricians were very polite, showed me the work they had done to make sure I was satisfied. I was completely satisfied. Their work was awesome!! So nice doing business with a company who really cares about the customer.
Lisa Berryhill Richerson
Lisa Berryhill Richerson
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I called first thing in the morning for a major issue. The guys were out that afternoon and went above and beyond to get it done in a professional and efficient manner. Both the guys out in the field and the ladies in the office were friendly, professional and helpful. Rush electric really helped to make a tough and unexpected situation a little easier to deal with.