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Choosing the Right Electric Generator for Summer Power Needs

Electric generators are a great way to ensure you have power for your summer needs. They’re much more convenient than traditional generators and can be used in various locations. But how do you choose the right electric generator for your needs? Here are some tips for selecting the best electric generator for your household.

Consider Your Power Needs

Consider which electrical devices and appliances you plan to run with the generator and determine the required power. Make sure you choose a generator that can provide enough wattage to handle these needs. You may also want to consider getting a generator with a higher wattage than you think you need, just in case you decide to add more devices or appliances over the course of the summer.

Choose a Quality Generator

When choosing an electric generator, quality is key. Look for generators that have been certified by a reputable testing agency. This will ensure that the generator is made with high-quality components, can produce a steady stream of power, and has been designed to meet safety standards.

It should also have a long warranty period and be easy to maintain. This will help you to avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Choose a Portable Generator

Consider getting a portable model if you plan to use your generator in different locations throughout the summer. This will make it easier to transport it to various locations. Since some portable generators are quite compact, you may even be able to carry them with you on camping trips.

You should consider the size and weight of the generator when selecting a portable model. Lighter models are easier to transport, but heavier ones may be more powerful and produce higher wattage output.

Choose the Right Fuel Source

Most electric generators run on gasoline, diesel, or natural gas. Each type of fuel has its pros and cons. Gasoline is the most common choice because it’s widely available and inexpensive. Diesel is more powerful than gasoline, but it can be more expensive. Natural gas is usually the most expensive option, but it produces fewer emissions and can last longer.

Compare Prices and Features

Take some time to research and compare the prices and features of different models. Consider important features, such as wattage, fuel type, and portability. Also, look for generators with overload protection, low-oil shutoff, and a digital display. These features allow you to monitor the generator’s performance and ensure it runs safely and efficiently.

These tips can help you to choose the right electric generator for your summer needs. Make sure to research, compare features, and find a quality model with the right size, weight, and fuel source for your needs. Working with a professional electrician can also help you find the best model for your requirements. Contact Rush Electric in Memphis, TN today for all of your generator needs.

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Steven Holland
Steven Holland
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We highly recommend Rush at Satellite healthcare! They are always on time and there when you need them. They give the best quality work around. They do all our electrical work from outlets to complete builds on our news clinics. If your looking for good work and on time completion go with Rush.
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Jan Hawks Bartlett
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I would highly recommend this company! I called yesterday and they came out first thing this morning! The service was excellent. The 2 electricians were very polite, showed me the work they had done to make sure I was satisfied. I was completely satisfied. Their work was awesome!! So nice doing business with a company who really cares about the customer.
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Lisa Berryhill Richerson
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I called first thing in the morning for a major issue. The guys were out that afternoon and went above and beyond to get it done in a professional and efficient manner. Both the guys out in the field and the ladies in the office were friendly, professional and helpful. Rush electric really helped to make a tough and unexpected situation a little easier to deal with.